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The foundation of the company was laid down in 1947 with name & style M. A. Majid Bajwa & Sons by Mr. Abdul Majeed Bajwa. The firm was involved in manufacturing of gears for lathe machines. The company was sharing core competence with its customer. But after few years Mr. Abdul Majeed Bajwa decided to do some major changes in nature of business by acquiring field of manufacturing machine tools. M. A. Majeed Bajwa & Sons played a vital role in progress of machine tool industry that indirectly promoted the mechanical industry in Pakistan.

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BAI-SmallAfter serving 28 years for machine tools manufacturing industry, in 1975, Mr. M. Azhar Bajwa and Mr. M. Mazhar Bajwa sons of Mr. Abdul Majeed Bajwa brought novelty by adopting forward integration & introducing BAJWA AGRO INDUSTRIES & Bajwa Autos in order to promote activities in manufacturing of Automotive (OEM) parts, retailing of parts for open market respectively & manufacturing of agricultural implements with name Bajwa Farms by adopting business unit level strategy. Bajwa Farms took excellent part in manufacturing of Agricultural Implements and served the agricultural industry and itself agriculture in Pakistan by manufacturing the quality implements and supplying them throughout the Pakistan on very competitive prices. After few years Bajwa Farms merged in BAJWA AGRO INDUSTRIES. Since the inception till to date the company has contributed tremendously towards the vendor industry uplifting and helped the OEM’s enabling them to produce quality automotive parts in Pakistan.