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Manufacturer of Automotive (OEM) parts with a mission to
“Keep the world in motion with our quality castings”.


Our Rich Industry Evolution Story

Bajwa Agro Industries is a manufacturer of Automotive (OEM) parts with a focus on quality castings, precision manufacturing, and advanced technology.

The company has a rich industry evolution story dating back to 1947 and has contributed significantly to the vendor industry and the production of quality automotive parts in Pakistan.
The company has evolved from manufacturing gears for lathe machines to becoming a leading producer of Automotive (OEM) parts.
We offer high-quality gears for lathe machines, OEM parts for automobiles, and efficient agricultural implements.

Production Facilities

State-of-the-art Technology


Foundry Shop

As the company grew in 1975, its production facilities were elevated to a level that was suitable for the job aimed. The foundry  shop, under the supervision of metallurgical engineers, has a capacity to cast 30 tons per shift. This foundry shop is equipped with Electric Induction Furnaces, Cupola Furnaces, Rotary Furnaces, Moulding Machines, Muller Machines & Core Making Machine.
Recently BAJWA AGRO INDUSTRIES (PVT) LTD has added no-bake equipments to its current facility in order to achieve quality castings.


Machine Shop

In addition to the foundry shop, the company also has a Machine shop that is outfitted with modern machinery, No. of Capstan lathes, Milling Machines, Boring Machines, Radial drills, Vertical Lathes.  In order to achieve mass production special purpose machines are designed and built in house.  All operators are skilled and supervised by production manager. 
Equipped with most High-Tech Laboratories Bajwa Agro Industries (Pvt) Ltd is installed with one of the best facilities within their premises for foundry as well as for machine shop, Hence able to provide their clients with the best quality products. 


Chemical Analysis

Hilger Polyvac  2000 direct emission spectrometer 23 channel is one of the most sophisticated and technologically advanced spectrometers. It incorporates a microprocessor based control unit and determining system. The Spectrometer and its attendant source unit have been designed for operation under full computer control. These units are operated by latest software enabling us to accomplish accurate, precise and prompt chemical analysis of material. 

Sand Testing Lab

We have complete Ridsdale green sand testing lab. Consisting of:
• Permeability tester
• Compression strength machine
• Sand rammer
• Impact tester
• Shatter Index tester
• Compatibility tester
• Moisture determinate

Quality Policy

Our belief is that our survival and development by supplying quality products which utterly meet up customer’s standard and requirement therefore quality of BAI products is sustained from initiation to termination of operations. Bajwa Agro Industries (Pvt) Ltd has unusual quality control system, which assure the customer that our quality is personality of our products. To keep good repute among customers, the guarantee and warranty is provided to each customer on each product either it is the smallest or cheapest product.


Bajwa Agro Industries (PVT) Ltd has been recognized for their services and innovation in the field of Agricultural/Automobile Industry.
Some of the main recognition and awards are as follow:
• Good Design Award by The Chicago Athenaeum : Museum of Agricultural and Design
• Machine of the year: The Institute of building industry, mechanization and agricultural   Electrification – AGROTECH
• FIN ovations recognition: Farm industry News magazine reader & FIN farm advisory panel.
• Innovation Gold medal Award: AGROSALON exhibition in Moscow, Russia.

Why Choose Us?

We prioritize innovation, quality, and client satisfaction.


Precision Engineering

Ensuring meticulous attention to detail in the manufacturing process to deliver precision-engineered components.


Advanced Technology

Utilizing cutting-edge equipment and technology to meet the evolving needs of the automotive and agricultural sectors.


Skilled Workforce

Employing a team of skilled metallurgical engineers and experts to guarantee superior quality in every product.

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